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FLIR 421-0029-00 PathFindIR LE Aftermarket Kit (No Camera)

Model: 421-0029-00

FLIR 421-0029-00 PathFindIR LE Aftermarket Kit (No Camera)-

PathFindIR LE Aftermarket Kit includes all the necessary parts for mounting your PatfindIR Camera (not included).

This product has been discontinued. Contact us for more information.

FLIR PathFindIR LE Aftermarket Kit with Camera

The FLIR PathFindIR LE is a compact thermal imager that allows officers to see clearly in total darkness. PathFindIR LE is available in kit form or as a camera only module. It's compact and mounts easily behind grilles or on light bars. What's more, PathFindIR LE features the same powerful FLIR technology used by the military.

See Road Hazards 4x Farther

With the FLIR PathFindIR LE, officers can see pedestrians, officers, animals, disabled vehicles and road hazards from 4x farther away than with high beam lights alone. Potential hazards as they approach the sides of the road can also be seen easier.

The ideal thermal imaging camera for night time driving

Due to its size, performance, cost, and high reliability, the FLIR PathFindIR LE is an ideal nighttime vision camera for a Law Enforcement vehicles. First responders and other vehicles all benefit from the ability to see more and react sooner to obstacles in their path at night. with the FLIR PathFindIR LE.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy; a simple power in and video out connection to the display or use any monitor with the auxiliary out.

PathfindIR Applications:

The PathFindIR is used in a variety of transportation and driving vision enhancement applications. While the unit is designed for automotive and trucking OEM's such as BMW, the PathFindIR has found its way into a variety of other OEM segments. Fire Rescue, recreational vehicles, maritime, and UGV's are all benefiting from the compact, sealed package and fast integration design.

Vehicle OEM (Heavy Trucking)
Truck OEM's, and large vehicle OEM's, benefit from the PathFindIR in many ways. Simply put, the increased detection (up to 4 times farther than that of traditional headlights) of potential hazards in the road and in the ditches provides significant increases in reaction time. OEM integration into new models is easy and affordable.

Recreational Vehicles (Class A, C, Super C)
Recreational Vehicles are a perfect fit for the PathFindIR. Because of their size, expense of repair and typical rural driving locations thermal imaging is a necessity to help guide and assist your clients to their destination safely.

Shovel and scoop vehicles benefit from thermal imaging by being able to see through dust and debris, even at night, assuring that the product gets to the haul truck efficiently and without delay. Haul trucks benefit from thermal imaging by assuring safe driving to the dump location. Vibration dampening, mining certified enclosure, industrial grade monitor, and removable high impact optic make the IS1000 a perfect fit for many mining applications.

Emergency Response Vehicles
OEM's in the fire rescue community have incorporated the PathFindIR on their ARFF vehicles for driving vision enhancement and snozzle mounted fire control system. Since thermal imaging sees through smoke, the fire fighters are able to detect the areas of concern and arrive safely at the scene.

What's Included:

Note: this kit does not include the PathfindIR Camera

  • PathFindIR LE 20 Foot Wiring Harness
  • Power/Video Only (308-0121-00)
  • 7" LCD with Bracket
  • Sun Shield (4105734)
  • LCD Cable
  • BNC to S-Video 29 Foot (4105735)
  • PathFindIR LE Universal Mounting Bracket (261-1470-00)
  • PathFindIR LE Manual / Users Guide (334-0001-00-10)
  • PathFindIR LE Installation DVD

What's included with the FLIR 421-0029-00

  • FLIR 421-0029-00 PathFindIR LE Aftermarket Kit (No Camera)
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    " data-description="PathFindIR LE Aftermarket Kit includes all the necessary parts for mounting your PatfindIR Camera (not included).">

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