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FLIR Bonus Buys

Spend over $200 on FLIR products and get rewarded!

Reward Offers:

What you'll receive with Bonus Buys when you spend over $20,000

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How to Qualify for and Redeem your Promotion Offer:

  1. Buy the following new FLIR products: FLIR ONE Pro-Series, Cx-Series, Ex-Series, T-Series, IR Windows, and/or FLIR Test & Measurement tools (excludes Aerial Drone Kits) between May 12 and September 30, 2020.
  2. Completely and accurately provide all of the required customer information on the redemption form found here.
  3. See Promotion Terms, Conditions, Limitations and Exclusions for additional requirements and other important information.
  4. Mail the ORIGINAL completed Redemption Form along with a legible copy of your original invoice (purchase order copies are not acceptable) to:
    Dept:# 139800-25
    FLIR Bonus Buy Rewards Program
    PO Box 52106
    Phoenix, AZ 85072
Download Redemption Form